About us

America Ascencio, our senior language teacher with more than 30 years of experience teaching Spanish in the world. 

“Autora Spanish Language Academy” is the brand of America Ascencio, a freelance and senior language teacher in Europe, and legally registered in the European Commission.  

We are teachers with several years of experience. We know students’ needs when learning a foreign language. We have been training for a long time in order to make it easier for students to get a deep knowledge of the Spanish language. We use innovating educational tools and techniques. 

We are not only an academy offering its services. We are also a group of people commited to surpass the students’ expectations. We don’t only want you to learn Spanish, but also to live it.

We have the professional compromise to make you learn the language of Cervantes, spoken in more than twenty countries in the world. Spanish is a growing language that will offer to you plenty of opportunities in the world. Not only to get a job, but also to make business in Spain and Latin America; to know other cultures and make good friends.