Our Courses

In Autora Spanish Language Academy we make our students feel at home. The methodology that we use depends on the level that is being taught. For this reason, we use different methodologies and techniques in every level that we teach.
In our language classes, we attach great importance to motivation, because this is a key element for a good learning.

We focus exclusively in the learning of grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, active listening and situations that arise in your daily life. We teach the students using our methodology, which is the following:
• Recognition of everyday words. To do this we use Flashcards (didactic cards), so that students can identify the topic.
• Development of the class. We will explain how, when and why we use the verbal tenses. The punctuation and accentuation rules. Teachers will guide students, so that they can put into practice what they learned, in daily life activities. Practice will be done by using the Tandem technique. In this technique students pretend to be a teacher and they train with other students. In this way students will lose fear when speaking. And their oral comprehension and expression will be greatly improved. They will also be able to express themself correctly. This is important because this first stage is where you learn the beginning of new knowledge in Spanish.
• Finalization of the lesson plan. This is where students will be able to present what they have learned in class. This part is interesting because sometimes students will make mistakes but they will correct themselves. They will also put into practice outside of class, what they learned. We will use the technique of role-playing as if we were in a restaurant, office or shop.

To reach this level, it means that you have done everything without any difficulty and you know how to conjugate the verbs in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th person with the verb tenses and you know how to differentiate the present, past and future tense in an expression or sentence.
Here we will put more emphasis on your grammar, your pronunciation, your abilities to express yourself with others.

In this last level, you can say that you are already able to present arguments, debate different points of view, learn to use idiomatic expressions, be creative with the language, and have no difficulty reading Spanish and Latin American texts. Here you will understand detailed information on general topics:
• You will have conversations on the phone, you will understand the main ideas of an oral presentation, speech or lecture. You will be able to distinguish them from secondary ideas.
• You will be able to provide detailed information, to express your own opinions on a subject.
• You will also be able to give a speech over a limited period of time on a variety of topics.
• You will express yourself fluently and spontaneously, using language flexibly and effectively for social and professional purposes.
• You will be able to write a variety of written materials, such as letters, reports using appropriate literary styles, depending on the type of person you are addressing.